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Quick Details

The Night Vison Package Experience Includes:

  • MP5: 20 Rounds
  • AR-15: 20 Rounds
  • GLOCK 19: 10 Rounds
  • Shooting Targets
  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • Dedicated Range Instructor
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Welcome to take Unlimited Photos/videos


*Firearms mentioned in the experiences are subject to availability. It is rare that a firearm is unavailable, but in the event that a firearm is unavailable, we will offer a substitute firearm of equal value.


The Night Vision Experience

Our Night Vision Package provides an exhilarating experience and gives you a taste of 3 different types of weapons. Fire off some rounds with the easy-to-use Glock 19 9mm pistol, AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle, and the MP5 Sub-Machine Gun for a fun-filled adventure you’ll never forget.

This exhilarating package gives you a taste of 3 different types of weapons:

The MP5 is one of the most popular submachine guns in the world. Developed in the early 1960s by West German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch (HK), this gun is lightweight and easy to use, with a low recoil that allows for quick and accurate shooting.

The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that is said to be “the most popular rifle in America,” and gun enthusiasts praise it for its accuracy and firepower.

The Glock 19 9mm is popular for its power and accuracy, making it a good choice for self-defense or target shooting. It’s also very easy to use and is perfect for beginner shooters looking for an exciting Vegas gun experience.

With our Gun Store Experience, you will have a blast shooting at our state-of-the-art gun range, and there’s no better gun shooting in Las Vegas. Whether you’re a gun enthusiast or just looking for a fun-filled adventure, the Gun Store Experience is perfect for you!


What to bring

  • Please bring a photo ID (Driver’s License, passport, ID card etc.) and the credit/debit card used to purchase experiences must be present to redeem packages in store AND MUST MATCH THE NAME OF THE CONTACT INFORMATION!