Range hours: 9AM - 6:30PM
retail hours: Under Construction



Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

FULL DAY PERMIT CLASS – First Time CFP Holder & Expired CFP (Over 1 year expired) Holder 9 AM – 5 PM (8 hours)

RENEWAL – Is the first half of Concealed Firearm Permit Class 9 AM – 1 PM (4 hours)

The shooting qualification is conducted after the class is finished (After 5pm for Initial course and after 1pm for Renewal course) OR you have the option to Pre-Qualify 14 days within the class. It is highly recommended to Pre-Qualify for the shooting test, as you will be dismissed immediately after the class is finished as opposed to waiting in line to qualify. You also have 14 days after the course to qualify if need be.


$75.00 for the Initial course

$50.00 for the Renewal course

These prices include the ammunition needed to qualify, eye and ear protection, paperwork preparation, instruction from a Range Officer and detailed knowledge along with laws of conceal carrying with a Certified Firearms Instructor.

Our class qualifies you to receive a CFP from Nevada and/or Florida.

NOTE: We no longer provide the paperwork for Florida. The application can be printed out from www.freshfromflorida.com

Please do not bring any ammunition with you. All ammunition used at The Gun Store should be lead free and frangible for the health and safety of our visitors and employees. The available calibers are: 9mm, .380, .38 (357), .40, .45 and .22.

The door for the classroom will open at 8:30am and will close promptly at 9:05am. If you are not here before 9:05am, you will need to reschedule as the instructor has already begun teaching the class.

Our classroom is located at:

2900 E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

Entrance is located at the ‘Indoor Range’ doors.

Basic firearms knowledge is required for timed shooting test. If you have never shot before, it is highly recommended to practice prior to attending the class. You must be 21 years of age to apply for the Nevada Concealed Firearms Permit.*
*As of May 25th, 2017, 18 to 20 year old Active Duty Military or Honorably Released or
Discharged veterans can apply in Nevada for a permit to carry.
If you are pregnant, you will NOT be permitted to take the Concealed Carry Course.



Uncle Tony

Tony is a retired Police Officer from the Rochester New York Police Department. Over half of his 20 year career wast in the firearms area. He was the Commanding Officer of the Firearms Training Unit. Tony has attended several training seminars and armorers courses as well as the F.B.I.’s Advanced Police Firearms and Police Firearms Instructor School. He’s certified by the N.R.A, and by The Private Investigators Licensing Board of Nevada Attorney General’s office as a Police Firearms Instructor. Mr. Dee has testified in Federal, State and Civil Court regarding firearms related issues and the use of Deadly Physical force. He was a member of both his departments’ Bomb Squad and SWAT teams. Tony has also published several articles related to firearms and firearms related competitions.

Jim received his P.O.S.T firearms instructor course certificate in 1986 from San Bernadino Sheriff’s Dept. and training administered by Special Agent Ronnie Fulgulti of the F.B.I. Los Angeles. He has competed in the Southwest Pistol League from 1977-1989, won the overall Championship in both 1984 & 1988 and was awarded the Distinguished title of “S.W.P.L. Combat Master” in 1984, which is an award given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skill with a heavy caliber handgun requiring the use of both speed and accuracy.
Jim has instructed male, female and young adults in the safe use of and techniques of handgun control for more than 30 years as well as training Don Johnson and the rest of the cast of Miami Vice for the show prior to its presentation to the audience. He has served as Firearm technical adviser on movies Manhunter, Band of the Hand and Drug Wars:the Camerana story and has appeared in several films by Micheal Mann, over 55 commercials for varies companies and performed on stage in NY Production companies of Godspell ( Chicago, Wash. DC and Miami Florida.) and Les Miserable ( San Fransisco).

His chosen profession afforded ample time to pursue his passion of competition with a handgun. He has also been sponsored at different times by companies such as Packmyr Gun Works, Pistol Dynamics, Aimpoint and was team member on the Cannon Safe/ISI (International Shootists, inc.)




Jeremy Seo has worked in the firearms industry for over 12 years in  almost every position. He started as a magazine loader and has worked his way up ever since. He has been a range officer, a senior range safety officer, a manager for both retail and the range, an instructor, and an armorer and gunsmith. His wealth of knowledge and experience have brought him back to The Gun Store as a CCW Instructor, and he also teaches our “Eddie Eagle” Children’s Safety Class and our Firearms Safety Class.